Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Out of the good of my graces

Ágúst Borgþór Sverrisson - superstar of the Icelandic short story, blogs about two recent comments I've had about the Icelandic culture-media. There he has this near canonizing statement about yours truly:

"I have a strong feeling that EÖN is not and will not be in the good graces of the [Icelandic] literature world."

Click here to read in Icelandic.


Kenneth Goldsmith's new book is out - Traffic.


Jón Örn Loðmfjörð, one of Iceland's few digital poets, has a new machine-thingy up: click here (in Icelandic, but maybe nice for others as well).


Reverend Örn Bárður Jónsson writes about recently deceased poet Elías Mar (in Icelandic): click here.


Poet Kristian Guttesen published a poem by Bjarni Bernharður on his site, called Quoting Dagur - presumably meaning Dagur Sigurðarson, Icelandic beatnik poet, loosely translated so:

With a large cock
and a large heart,
you will fare well.

Read here in Icelandic.


Danish poet Kenneth Krabat writes about barbaric Danish (in civilized Danish) - (link via Leevi Lehto) - click here to read.


Icelandic poet Hildur Lilliendahl quotes the chilling ruling of an Icelandic court because of a fatal traffic accident - something in some ways reminiscent of Charles Reznikoff's Testimony. Loosely translated thus:

"As well as being caused by the raging weather and slippery ice, the slanting of the vehicle and its height over the roadway were a contributing factor to how lethal the injury was to become."

Read in Icelandic here.

For a paper from the Legal Studies Forum on Testimony - click here.

Listening to the Linebreak interview with Steve McCaffery, he had this (among other) wonderful things to say (quoted from memory):

"As it happens, my life lends itself to cheap freudian analysis"

Which I found laughwarming. Click here to hear the interview. Hear to ear to here.


In the recent weeks I've been quoting an article about Stalin the poet, saying that it originated from The Guardian. Today Ron Silliman links to it, and it seems it wasn't in the Guardian but in the Deccan Herald. Click here to read.

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