Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Kein eintritt

Well yes.

A literary blog! In english as a second language - barbaric and cruel. I'm not sure my english is bad enough to be interesting - my swedish certainly is, and blogging in finnish would be a wondrous feat. Matkaautoesta. Höpöhöpissa.

I just came back from Sweden - spent the weekend at a seminar called Alternative publishing/literary innovation in Biksops Arnö (just outside Bålsta), a collective blog can be found
here. Among the participants were Caroline Bergvall, Leevi Lehto, Paal Bjelke Andersen (of Nypoesi), Martin and Jannik of FLY, Oscar Rossi and many more. The days were spent at lectures and the evenings at readings, marinating in wine and poetry. Plenty of the readings have been posted on Martins blog, including two of the largest scandinavic poetic cacophonies (a quiescent one and a circularly mobile one), and my reading of four poems (Snurvoðin snýst á veggjunum, Höpöhöpö Böks, Pol Pot (Pantún) og Swing Ding). It's safe to recommend all of them, but I will let do with mentioning Paal Bjelkes and Martins reading of Paal's prime minister poem - and if Leevi or Caroline show up in that player, then suffice to say both of them were profound.

A summary of the course can be found on the group blog,

Since this is the first post I will put some links to my own stuff on the internet, that could be enjoyable for english-as-a-second-language-speakers.

A few translations and originals
My sound poetry on UBU-web
My sound poetry on Nokturno (same recordings, but with explanations in finnish)

If other links come to mind I will add them later.


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Martin Johs. Møller said...

I bid you welcome as well!

Later today or tomorrow I´ll add Leevis "beautiful" performance to my playlist. Unfortunately I accidentally deleted a few readings + Stian had some initial problems with his fancy recording gear, so unfortunately I can´t provide you with Caroline´s baroque reading.