Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What works?

Pennsound plugged in Icelandic newspaper.

Ran into an interesting article, via Susanne Christensen, in Ett lysande namn by Sigrid Nurbo about Swedish language poetry, most notably Lars Mikael Raatamaa, Jörgen Gassilewski and Maria Silkeberg. Reading swedish works, but it works slowly, so I'm only two-thirds through it, but those two thirds are safe to recommend. Click here to read (in Swedish).

Icelandic poet Birgitta Jónsdóttir comments on Handsprengja í morgunsárið (Hand Grenade in the Morning), a recent collection of translations and radical translations that I did with Ingólfur Gíslason, with traditionally-translated authors including Radovan Karadzic, Avraham Stern, as well as various Icelandic politicians, more radically translated.

“Handsprengja í morgunsárið is mere brilliance. Ingólfur and Eiríkur manage to create poetry from the words of the power-wielders that evoke morbid merriment and righteous anger at the same time. It’s been long since I’ve had as much fun reading a poetry book.“

She also says the book is crawling up her top-ten list.

Click here to read (in Icelandic), here to buy.

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