Friday, May 25, 2007

When the revolution comes

Apparently there's a lit-clique spectre haunting Sweden. One Johan Lundberg has written an article in Expressen, expressing expressively his express opinion that a small clique of rabid avant-gardists has taken over swedish poetry. Evidently these malefic stasi-like langpo figures not only publish their own magazine, but write reviews for bigger media as well. And as if that wasn't enough, the prone-to-experimentation writers seem to have suspiciously much interest in other like-minded writers. And they've taken over!

So I guess that's it for Tomas Tranströmer.

Johan Lundbergs article.

Malte Perssons reply.

Leevi Lehto has had some things to say about this as well.

I'm starting to plan to begin to prepare for maybe submitting poetry in english to something, somewhere. Suggestions for suitable addressees?

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I took this liberty... I hope you don't mind :